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Cognitive Therapy

Offering You a Balanced Approach To Cognitive Therapy

Get help with reading and comprehension. My Speech Therapy Connection, PLLC of Bradenton, Florida, has a service to help you or your child with reading and understanding.

Mother and Daughter Reading


Reading comprehension is so vital today, and having the ability to process what you read is quite necessary. Reading therapy involves the totality of language and reading comprehension, the writing and spelling of words and the ability to process them. Let us help improve scholastic grades, learning, confidence, and overall communication competence.


Are you or your child nonverbal? Do you have little to say when asked a question?

Language therapy involves expressive and receptive language skills. You will see wonderful results from language therapy, including more competent communication, the ability to respond more effectively, and improved safety awareness.

Let us offer services that will make individuals with language issues happier when they are able to communicate more effectively and become more socially responsive to interactions. Those who have suffered strokes may have impaired expressive or receptive language skills. Adults and children with language problems, intellectual disabilities, or autism may have language problems.

Cognitive Issues

You will enjoy a more positive and successful life with the ability to communicate effectively. Problem solving, reasoning, and being able to follow and understand instructions are all daily necessities. Let us help with reading or cognitive therapy to make it easier to communicate and respond to the variety of written and verbal stimuli we get each day.


A child or an adult who has never heard sound and who has had cochlear implants will benefit from our hearing therapy. We work to help the client identify sounds.

If you have lost your hearing, let us help by using strategies to help you understand what people are saying. We'll help you cope with the loss and become an active listener, improving your overall communication competency levels. You may also learn speech reading, often referred to as lip reading, and explore options for receiving implants or hearing aids.