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Working Hard To Help You Communicate More Effectively

Would you like to be able to communicate more effectively, fluently and with ease? Let My Speech Therapy Connection, PLLC of Bradenton, Florida help. 

Our speech and language therapy services involve comprehensive testing via standardized measures, patient history and clinical observations to address your concerns and specific therapeutic needs. 

Speech and Language Therapy

Speech Therapy

Get help for articulation, phonological disorders and/or motor speech disorders.  Techniques include targeting specific speech sounds and/or groups of speech sounds.  Additionally, oral-motor therapy may be recommended to improve the strength and range of motion of the oral structures for the correct speech sound production.  

Language Therapy

Expressive language relates to an individual's ability to use language. Receptive language relates to an individual's ability to understand language. There are various causes for expressive/receptive language delays/deficits. Some may be during childhood development while other individuals may experience it later through neurological impairments such as strokes or through neurodegenerative diseases such as Dementia.


Do you have a voice disorder that limits the volume of your voice or your ability to speak at all?  Voice disorders can occur from various  underlying deficits that impacts a person's vocal quality, pitch, resonance, or volume.  In some cases, individuals experience periodic episodes when they are unable to speak/produce sound at all.  At My Speech Therapy Connection, we will work with you and your Medical doctor to determine the underlying cause and course of treatment specific to your needs.

*Please be aware it may be necessary for new patients with voice disorders to be seen first by an Ear/Nose/Throat doctor for speech therapy clearance.


Speech that is effortless, smooth and flows is known as fluent.  Dysfluent or stuttered speech is choppy, interrupted, halting and effortful.  With fluency therapy, we will help you develop a strategy and teach you techniques that will improve your fluency and help you feel more comfortable and confident when speaking.

Mother and Daughter Reading


Reading comprehension is so vital today, and having the ability to process what you read is quite necessary. Reading therapy involves the totality of reading, comprehension, writing and spelling words and the ability to process and understand them. Let us help improve scholastic grades, learning, confidence, and overall communication competence through a proven multi-sensory approach (Orton-Gillingham).

Cognitive Issues

You will enjoy a more positive and successful life with the ability to communicate effectively. Problem solving, reasoning, and being able to follow and understand instructions are all daily necessities. Let us help with cognitive-linguistic deficits to make it easier to communicate and respond to the variety of written and verbal stimuli we get each day.

Dysphagia Therapy

Dysphagia is known as a swallowing impairment.  Swallowing impairments can impact a person's ability to safely chew and swallow their food or liquid thus increasing their risk of aspiration.  At My Speech Therapy Connection, PLLC we can work with you to provide a range of treatment strategies, exercises, and education to facilitate safety and reduce the risk of aspiration complicated by swallowing disorders.

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